About Tanzania

Tanzania lies just south of the equator and is thus almost always sunny. Its terrain is incredibly beautiful, lush from the sun and scattered winter showers, and alive with an abundance of wildlife. Tanzania’s magnificent wildlife is one of its strongest attractions as tourists can embark on idyllic game drives seeing a variety of different wildlife. Undoubtedly, the country’s most popular national park is the Serengeti as it’s over 14 500 square feet of endless rolling plains offers guests a world of splendour and tranquillity.

Tanzania is home to the beautiful, formidable and majestic Mount Kilimanjaro; Africa’s highest peak and the world’s second tallest free standing mountain. Hiking and exploring the mountain is not for the faint-hearted, however every year thousands of adventurers travel to sumit the mountain.

A trip to Tanzania will treat you to some of the most beautiful attractions in Africa; not only will you be able to set your sights on the beautiful plains and wildlife of the Serengeti and magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, but you’ll be enchanted by the local culture and traditions, gain an inside perspective into a truly African nation, and have the chance to listen to their unique African style rumba music.