Zanzibar Beach Holiday

There are two main islands that make up the mysterious, yet romantic name ZANZIBAR, Unguja the capital island and Pemba her smaller twin sister. Early Indian sea farers made it a stopping of point with their trading caravans called the island “ZENJI BAR” meaning the black coasts.

Many years of trading ships of sailing up and down the coast resulted in attracting different classes of travelers and adventures including Chinese, Greeks, Egyptian and Persian.

European explorer and missionaries used the island as a stopping and starting point for their travels to the inland.

Now its time to welcome a new generation of explores, who come to marvel the rich heritage reflected in the mixture of cultures and architectural sites, it’s where Arabia, Asians and European’s cultures meet in Africa.

Breathing in the fragrant scent of cloves (the island major forex earner) vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, y’lang y’lang trees, star fruits, nutmegs and more will make you realize why Zanzibar is known as the spice island.”

Spending a few days in the islands after a long rough an’ wild African mainland and jungle safari or mountain expedition is highly rewarding.

Pure relaxation on one of the 25 dazzling white sand, palm fringed beaches on islets where the azure waters of the tropical ocean beckons marine lovers, swimmers, divers and snorkel, yachters and water scoter riders, its paradise to water sports enthusiasts generally.